Sesame seed glazed salmon – Quick and easy

Fashion 9one1 “nye” special

This is one of my many healthy and quick recipies packed with iron, protein and flavour!

What you need:
Salmon, 4 portions.
500 g frozen or fresh mango
1 red chilli
Garlic, after taste.
A handful parsley or koriander
about 30 g of baby spinach
Two Lime
Black pepper
Sesame seeds
How to do it:
Start your Owen, 200 degrees C.
Put the salom on a owenproof tray, make sure its not frozen when you start cooking.
Start season the salmon with a pinch of salt, pepper, 2 tblsp of sugar, a dash of honey, 3 tbsp of oliveoil, limepeel and garlic. Then start cooking it in the middle of the owen for about 15 min.
Dice mango and mix it with chilli, the limejuice, 2-3 tblsp of oliveoil, salt, pepper and the baby spinach to a salsa.
When the salmon is done Sprinkle sesame seeds over it and serve it with the salsa and some soy.

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