Garlic and chili scampi with couscous and roasted veggies

What you need:

4 portions

2 kg of Scampi
5 cloves of garlic
Olive oil
1 Red Chili fruit
1 aubergine
2 red peppers
30 grams of Baby Spinach

How to do it:

You can do the Scampi Skewers in the Oven or on the BBQ. Either way, heat them up before doing anything else.

Marinate the Scampi in Olive oil and fine diced garlic and chili. Add salt and pepper after taste. Let the Scampi rest for a little while in the marinade while you dice your Veggies. I have roasted mine in the oven until they got a little roasting surface. Boil the Couscous after the instructions on the package. Blend the couscous and the roasted Veggies together with Baby Spinach and some olive oil, salt and pepper. Add the mixture in foil folded like a little package (as it is in the picture) , close it, and put in the oven/BBQ to get extra delicious.


Start adding your Scampi on the Skewers and cook them on a tray on the oven or on the BBQ untill they are cooked through with a beautiful golden roasting surface. Take out your foil package and serve together.



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