Frosty fashion; style VS comfort!

How do you manage to stay warm during winter, and still keep your style?

It’s widely known that snow and cold weather doesn’t go hand in hand with stylish outfits. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been forced to choose between being dressed up and freeze to death or being dressed like the Michelin man but staying warm!

The best way to keep your style without losing your heat is tight garments closest to your body. Leggings, tank tops and tights under your dress and even a pair of extra socks might be necessary. When you got the basics figured out you will get a new range of possibilities opening up, from layers of knit to turtle necks.

I’m listing my favorites right now and you will find everything from Asos to Gucci.


Check out these awesome coats by Massimo Dutti!

If you’re still feeling cold, take a look at Binx Walton for Vera Wang fall/winter 2015!



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