Flawless makeup for New Years eve!

For her; go the extra mile ladies, it’s fun to play with glitter, stones and shimmer!
Plus in the light from the fireworks you will sparkle like an angel, who dosen’t want that?

Keep it simple with a cut-crease glittrestone look, highlight and nude lips. Stones like this can be purchaced at Makeupstore, nailstores or craftstores. I buy all my stones from Ebay (I use search words like flat back diamonds/pearls) but that won’t reach you in time for this years New Years eve.

This look works best with a simple black dress, some jewelry and flat hair or wet-look curls as styled on the model.


For him; go for a metrosexual new year and glue on some pearls you too, maybe even some glitter?

the models makeup is subtile but noticeable, the bindi and the pearls are also from Ebay but you should be able to find similar at craft stores.

If you are going to wear makeup as a man you should focus on covering breakouts, dark spots and dirk circles, use a brown eyeshadow and mark your lower and upper lash-line, fill your brows a bit and shape your bone structure a bit more. Also highlight is so pretty on both men and women in partylight!


Photos: Hector Melo
Makeup: Jessica Thelin
Models: Johanna Sivertsson and Te Sad

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