Faces by Sandy, we love it!

We love loads of things, as all humans do right?! Right now we are gushing over makeup maven and former Mac trainer Sandy Kawekwa’s makeup tutorials on YouTube. Like this one, perfect for a flawless and on point NYE look!

Rumors has it that the maven herself is working on some major solo things after leaving a huge platform, which she helped develop, due to an disagreement with it’s founder. Sandy herself don’t speak much of the incident but swears to give us an exclusive interview once she is ready to reveal what she is working on next.
Our publisher, Aysha Jones whom is a close friend to Sandy, reveals that it’s something big and amazing, created by the will of encouraging young women of color around the world.

We can’t wait to find out exactly what it’s that Ms Kawekwa is cooking up!

You can view all of her videos on her channel by clicking here!

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