Eat real greens, it’s good for you!

Did your parents, when you where little, tell you to eat your veggies to get big and strong?

When I was a child, my grandfather always told me about Popeye who became incredibly strong by eating spinach. Since getting big and strong apparently was everything that mattered in life back then, I gladly ate loads of spinach every time I visited my grandparents (my mom and dad was not so good at vegetables at the time).

Nowadays, I consume vegetables in every possible form: juice, smoothies, sallads, soups and woks. Mostly because I love the taste of it, but also because of the boost I get from thinking about all the goods that are in them. People who are not as keen on their greens as I am, might need the latter kind of motivation. Therefore I will try to explain why it is so important to eat real vegetables and not try to cheat by taking multi vitamin pills or drinking mass-produced smoothies.

I am not saying that it is unhealthy to take nutritional supplements or buy a smoothie at the supermarket, but those two are products that can never compare to real fruits and vegetables, no matter what the label says.

Pasteurizing is a method commonly used in the food industry which means that the product is heated up to a certain temperature in order to kill bacterial culture and in that way push forward the expiration date. Unfortunately, this also kills the vitamins. Even if the label of a smoothie says ”mildly pasteurized” it means that pretty much all of the precious vitamins are long gone, long before you got the bottle in your hand.

Have you ever read the ingredients of a package of orange juice that says ”oranges, vitamin C”? What it means is that synthetic vitamin C has been added after the pasteurization. Of course, synthetic vitamins are better than none but our bodies are much better at absorbing them in their natural form.

Vegetables are fantastic because of their whole complex construction, which affects your body in more ways than you can imagine. They are rich of fibers that will keep your digestion going and affect your bodies pH value positively. They are stuffed with vitamins and minerals  that they give your body in a way only they can.

Quite frankly, they are irreplaceable.

Magdalena Dellborg


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