10 things to do in LA, that even locals will love!

Yes, I love everything Los Angeles and want you to at least consider a trip to Lala land in a near future so with aims of trying to convince you to take that flight here’s my top ten favorite things to do in LA, right now. No I haven’t been to all but sure plan on ticking all of the items on the list.

  1. Go hiking, but not the standard Runyon Canyon hike
    Why not explore Los Angeles many awesome staircases and be different like that! We found an good book that listed awesome stairs all around LA from Santa Monica to Highland Park, Hollywood and even Pasadena. To name a few. Find the book here!
  2. Take a workout class with an eighties fitness guru!
    Ok, so we browsed the whole internet to find a cool workout class and this (with Richard Simmons) might be the best that we can give you. Not so much in the fashion sense, really it’s still stuck in the eighties, but oh boy will you laugh whilst getting that body in shape! Should you not be the exercising type, like myself, then indulge to this videos we found on YouTube. The giggles are on us!
  3. Vine and dine at SUR restaurant
    Yes I know, my obsession with Mrs Vanderpump needs to stop but have you seen that woman?! It’s impossible not be amazed by her so off course I have to add a visit to SUR when listing things to do in Los Angeles.
  4. Anything Getty goes well with us!
    Why not let enjoy a few drinks by the Getty Villa or get inspired by the massive culture life at the Getty center?
  5. Explore the infamous China town
    Who have not heard about China Town and it’s amazing food, shopping and entertainment?! We sure have and we want you, as well as ourselves, to get a chance to experience it first hand. Here is all you need to know about China Town in Los Angeles!

  6. The original flower district
    “All I want to do is sit and smell the flowers”, remember that? We’re guessing the inspiration for Ferdinand the bull came from a trip here, if not please let us know what was in the mind of the Walt Disney team when they came up with it!
  7. Attend an event at the luxurious W hotel
    Needs no explanation, you will understand when you get there! The official event calendar can be found here.
  8. Indulge in Ethiopian food!
    My last trip to LA was kinda a downer, only because I didn’t get to visit the famous Ethiopian “Little Ethiopia” restaurant but I’ll make sure to pass by whenever I go back.
  9. The Grammy museum
    A must if you love galas and throwbacks! This is actually one of my top “have to goes” when I go back to LA, find more info here about the museum.
  10. LA fashion district
    Ok, so this guide would not be completed without a fashionable “to do” and what’s more fashionable then LA fashion district?! I know, nothing right. I can’t wait to get back to LA just to get lost in all the fashion shops, showrooms and exhibitions. OMG I’m actually crying whilst thinking of it, take a look here and you will understand why!

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