This past month

by Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello world

For those whom already know, I both love and live for the store ZARA. I truly love
everything about that store and the items that they frequently provide. From the
accessories to clothing.

During this past month I have picked out a few items that I would love to share with you guys.
Below each picture I will briefly explain why I chose to put that look together, as well as where
you could wear it.


  Reason/ Where:
I put this outfit together for the simple fact that I wanted to create a look that you could
wear on a nightout with you boyfriend or dinner with your girls. It is very simple,
yet it makes a very bold statement with the leather jacket and the heels.


Reason/ Where:
I truly believe that you could work this outfit anywhere except for the club. It is a very
classy outfit that could be worn in more ways than one. You can either wear the jeans
with a nice white tee and a leather jacket to go with that and a brown-colored hat to top
it all off. Another way to do it is to keep the heels, add a nice cocktail dress to wear under
that coat.



Reason/ Where:
This is the ultimate spring look. I absolutly love it. Some nice ocean blue jeans and
layers of bold colors. I love the thought of layering colorful colors. You can practically
choose any colors. Purple on grey. Yellow on green. Blue on red and so on.



Hope you guys liked it.

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