Fashion vs. style

by Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello world. 

Hope you all have had a great day. Personally, so far so good.
What I want to share with you in today’s post is the difference between
being fashionable and having a sense of style. In order to tell you guys about it
I, first, have to make you understand what these two things are, individually.

It’s about “what’s in here” (my sense of self, my identity, my perception of who I am).
The matching process is between what’s in here and how that is reflected and
expressed in what I’m wearing.  Does my clothing ‘match’ my sense of who I am,
at least for today?

It is concerned with “what’s out there” (fashion items, in the stores).  It’s a matching process between what’s out there (fashion’s primary interest) to what I’m wearing.  Is what I’m wearing a ‘match’ for what’s ‘out there’, to what’s been deemed ‘in fashion’?

The differences
Fashion is the relationship to the external.
Style is the relationship to the internal.
If we go with that definition, it’s easy to see that there’s a huge difference
in the orientation of our focus if it’s on fashion vs. style.  Fashion takes
our attention away from ourselves, style brings our attention directly to ourselves.




“I think it’s all about truly, truly knowing yourself, loving yourself
– not just modifying, covering flaws, etc. – but loving yourself exactly
the way you are right now – and dressing to honor that.” – Mary Ellen

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