Go slow with Johanna N!

2016, which means a new year and you know what they say right?
Out with the old, in with the new!

But before you throw out the old garments and get out of your 2015’s fashion think a little!
Don’t throw those worn-out clothes in the garbage; rescue mission will accept them and send them to textile recycling facilities and turn them into other useful things.

This year, we all should take more sustainable initiative and commit to slow fashion. It means to stop, reflect and to take responsibility for your choices and decisions. It is an attitude on fashion where reflection and awareness is the focus. The result of that is that we can all choose some better and more long-term. It is simply about fashion at it’s best, because fast fashion isn´t free. Someone somewhere is paying your bill!UW5pIuT8XnSqio_V9CvswBcVw9y_Wxx9X-F6HFuHZR4,ddRirzPEP70W7M1Ylkg1OWXDbr6FL_oX57lCgXhbDKw

I did an interview with the Swedish designer Johanna N who did a collaboration in 2015 with the hiphop artist Adam Tensta and they released a unisex jewelry collection namned “This is home“, you can see some of the jewelry on the pictures as well.

I asked Johanna a few questions about her work and slow fashion in particular, please do read the interview.

How did you come into the court of sustainable fashion and slow fashion?
I have a background in fair trade and sustainable development, and JohannaN was born precisely out of my commitment to sustainable fashion and the problems that exist in the textile industry.

For those of us who want to start thinking more about sustainable fashion and slow fashion, what is your advice? How to think, where to shop, etc.
My best advice is to choose your battles, research, and decide for yourself. Let inspiration go before a guilty conscience. Fashion should be fun, and sustainable fashion and Slow Fashion is even more fun. So choose a few things where you know you can influence. For example, that from now on always ask yourself at the store: Do I really need this? Then create a habit for that behavior and when you’ve got a routine, for example to look for second-hand, you can select the next thing etc. On my blog, www.johanna-n.com/blogg and on my site www.slowfashonuppropet.se are many practical tips and also, hopefully, a good dose of inspiration to think more sustainably when it comes to clothing consumption.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers at Fashion 9one1?
If you are in Stockholm, come by my store Frejgatan 47 where are all my jewelry is but also lots of other brands that I like that is working with durability and quality. The idea of the store is to create a gathering place for sustainable fashion and Slow Fashion – both in terms of products but also of people who strive on the same thing. A bit like my blog does. So please come by- I always offer coffee!


To see more of Johanna’s designs or to buy them visit her webshop by clicking here.

Photographer: Hector Melo
Model: Evelina Nyman
Clothes: Chambres

Main photo in this article picturing Adam Tensta belongs to JohannaN.

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