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Long time ago I started doing my internship at a bridal store and later on even work at a bridal shop nearby my village. And I was completely fascinated and mesmerized of all the dresses and evening gowns. Im truly obsessed with dresses and bridal couture.While studying fashion we quite often talked about wedding outfits trough history so i tougth i should share some of my loved ones with you.But also the ones that have a great love story accept for one….

Wich famouse  wedding was a favourite of yours? Kate moss, Tina turner at the age of 73 or maby your own wedding? While you think about that here comes the real throw back Thursday ! Here are my top 3 memorable weddings in history and wedding dresses we never forget

 Wallis Simpson15310178_624520144418178_1899465190_n

A true love story! Edward VIII actually abdicated his throne in December 1936 in order to marry Wallis Simpson. And her dress is one of the dresses everyone still talks about even if the dress itself is not “Fancy” according to a lot of people. I really like it because it was not the typical wedding dress for royalty. And unfortunately she was not so loved by the people because of the fact that Edward abdicated. But also the tougth of marrying a two-times divorced woman was horrible and unacceptable. They never divorced.



Princess Diana

Lady Diana Frances Spencer, (July 1, 1961–August 31, 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. And they got divorced in 1996.  she was called “Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales”. We know her for her lovly hart and her passion for children all around the world.
And yes! we remember her dress aswell quite big!

15281811_624520131084846_1631918831_nHave you ever watched the show – say Yeas to the dress Uk? Well David Emanuel the host of the show is the one who designed the weddingdress for Diana. Diana’s dress is one we will always remember. that dress have everything in it. And  whatever she would wear we would still love it because everyone loved her . Dianas ring got passed on to Kate Middleton princess of England today and  married to Prince Charles.



Princess Victoria of Sweden

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden today And Duchess of Västergötland. Her fully name is  Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée .
Born 14 July 1977 she is the eldest child and the one that will enter the throne. A lot of people fell in love with the princess of Sweden Victoria´s dress. Her dress was designed by the Swedish designer  Per Engsheden so simple and yet so stylish. Victorias wedding was a wedding a lot of people was waiting for along as her siblings who are today all married.

Per Engheden really made one of the dresses i will always remeber. And for me the style of this dress is on point. So elegant, simple and space for a crown and jewels to shine. Just perfect!




picture: Instagram /Uber fashionblog/Laisla simpsons/Royalweddings


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