Ugandian trees used for high fashion!

Sarah Nakalembe is a afroswedish designer with a degree in fashion design from Tillskäraakademin. Her African roots inspired this collection which was launched at the annual LeNoir Creative Week 2016. Here’s a short interview with the talented designer about her inspiration and work.


Your a designer based in Sweden but always create with Africa in mind. Why is that important to you and how does it reflect in your designs?
It’s important to reflect Africa in my designs because it’s my identity and I am so proud of it.

I understand that the material used in your latest collection holds a very organic way.
What material do you use and what’s the special thing about it?
I use barkcloth which is an Ugandan identity, my identity and heritage. It was worn by the buganda Kingdom, a tribe in Uganda. I wanna spred the knowledge about this fantastic organic fabric as I believe that it’s the new thing in sustainable and ecological fashion. The material or the fabric is called barkcloth and it has been classified as a world heritage by Unesco and it’s only been found in Uganda.

Describe for us your brand in one word.
My brand in one word, afropean or afro chic.

What’s the three most important things you would like to advise a young designer trying to make it?
The most important things for a young designer to do is to be focused, focused focused. Never copy others, find your own style and don’t compere yourself with others. You can get inspiration from others but be yourself and believe in yourself.

What’s the one item you can’t live without?
I can’t live without my toothbrush!

All photos in this story belongs to LeNoir Creative Week and is shot by Baraka Yamato Bahati.

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