Top five items for a dark winter

When i think about winter i imagine myself  somethings like a really beautiful crispy white forrest, Snowfall and glittery crystal roads and so on. But so far all I got is rain a dirty car and super icy roads. Most of the time it takes time before the real winter kicks in here but the good thing about that is that we still have time for winter shopping!In a small country like Sweden during winter it´s quite easy to feel tired of the darkness. And not only that, everything in the shops feels quite grey-yish , dull and dark. We know for facts  that colors  really effects our mood and we are really bad at wearing colors in Sweden (and i am no better i will tell you) But i really don’t mind wearing outerwear  that stands out or accessories with bright colors.

So if you like me wants  to add some more color in this dark period of time then keep on reading. I have five items that are trendy, fun and will be something you will see more of in 2017

So here are the top five items that will shake your winter mood to the better (i hope )in 2017.

The Coat 15782313_637857459751113_897403808_n
A good coat that keeps you warm this winter is  a must and a coat that brings out your personality . With a coat like this you can easily  wear all black underneath and still be popin! It’s s such a lovley yummy color and a color that´s going to stay in 2017 aswell.
Yours at www.  under 200 dollars!

By the way have you seen the Heart jacket from YVSL ?Now that´s a jacket to fall in love with.(seen on Rihanna & Kendall and more)

gloves is such a underestimated  item but maybe  because it can be quite difficult to find a couple of good-looking leather gloves . If you fin
15750021_637857483084444_392795603_nd one that fits well since sizes can be a bit weird sometimes you should keep them!
And if you find longer ones ,

nice too  a elbow length woolcoat then I’m happy for you.

So why not a matching wallet for  matching gloves? One day in your life, probably around late 20´s you’ll realize that you really  really need and want a good leather wallet! Now either  you’re  on the team attention wallet side or perhaps the classical wallet side anyhow you should invest in something that you love with good quality so you can keep it for a long time. Trough poor and rich time!

Disco Boots

Oh my can we talk about all theese glittery boots coming up everywhere! i love sparkle in a not so healty way.No need to say more you dont need any street lights as long as you´r carrying theese in the nigth!
I know this one is not necessary  and i never  understood why people actually would put money on a key ring ? It reminds me of 6:th grade in school i guess. But then like everything i hate in the beginning becomes something i really need at the end! I get it now, I wouldn’t  still go crazy and buy more then one tough but it is quite cute. And a fun accessorie to attach on bags, clutchs or the keyes
Have a really nice winter and dont forget to stay warm!
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