Together We Stand Strong

I love my job and I love to be a role model for my students

Educated people were silenced during the dictatorship in Chile and my parents fled 1988 to Sweden because of the threat that existed. I didn´t feel different during my childhood. Now, when I´m older, I notice that people have preconceptions because of my appearance. I experience racism mainly when I play soccer. Abusive words like “monkey” or “go back to where you come from” are common every time my team is superior. The majority of my teammates have migrant backgrounds and therefore it´s normal that even the crowd screams racist words. I was discovered by several coaches at the age of 12 and they said I could become a professional soccer player. I signed a contract at the age of 17 with GIF but I lost the motivation due to injuries and because it became a job, a duty. It was mentally hard and a wake-up call that the professional carrier would not happen. Now I work as a sports teacher. I love my job and I love to be a role model for my students.


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