The world is ours!

The attacks in Paris in November scared the three photographers Madeleine, Noshin and Ivana. They were completely terrified! For the first time it was a threat to us, the youth in the West world. Madeleine, Noshin and Ivana formulated together an idea of ​​how they would transform their fear into positivity and strength. The result is a photo exhibition by, about and for young people in the name “Världen Är Vår” – translation ”The World Is ours” – to show who it is that actually owns the streets.

I called one of the creators, Ivana, who told me how she felt immediately after the attacks:

världen är vår 2


– If I had been in Paris I would probably have walked those streets, attended those concerts. I live a free life, but it could have happened to me. I felt very powerless and the fear was eating me up inside. I had to make something of the anxiety. These terrible things happen all the time and affects my Arab friends, but this particular attack affected me because I live in the West and recognize myself in the youth of Paris.


We build together!

Ivana continues to tell me that it’s the young people who live on the streets and that we must keep it like that, despite all the atrocities happening in many places in the world.

Ivana, Noshin and Madeleine began photographing young people in their living environment, in daily situations. They called their friends who wanted to be in it as soon they heard, and when the first photo was taken Ivana couldn’t hold back her tears:

-It was the ugliest picture we’ve ever taken, but also the most beautiful, so beautiful that I started crying. I have cried a lot during the whole process!

They have so far exhibited at Laika at Hornhuset, PUNKTMedis and will exhibit at the Culture House (Kulturhuset) in March.

The project has really given the results they dreamed of as it has spread across the world. Many outside Sweden submit pictures they take in their surroundings which becomes part of the exhibition. A basic principle of Världen Är Vår is that everyone who wants to be is involved in the project. ”We build it together”, Ivana Says.

-Everyone is willing to cooperation in terms of a good thing. Even something as horrible as death can create something positive, says Ivana.

världen är vår 3

Noshin, Ivana and Madeleine don’t make any money out of this. All the work is based on joy and love and they are principled not to make any money on it, even if the demand to buy images are high.

Ivana concludes with strength in his voice saying:

“Love conquers all fear. When love stomping into going the take to stop”

Tora Rydelius

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