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Me and Eline my roommate in Spain  used to make plans at our rooms about how to get our butts in all the fashion events in Barcelona. Especially one event name Bread and Butter. We did not own any companies and we were definitely not any buyers , Designers , Stylists or Models so we did not have a place in all of hat awesomeness that was going on. We were just two ordinary fashion students that wanted to smell the fresh air of a designers´s life and everything around fashion. Unfortunately we did not succeed at all,  of course. The security level is tremendous and we did not really speak out of confidence. This left us frustrated because we heard how other people managed to hustle their way in. But good girls wants to stay out of problems right? so we just decided to ignore it.So i´m sorry not having any juicy stories for you.

But how does one enter to all the fun things during exhibitions, fairs and fashion weeks. Well read further along and i will tell you a few  different ways to put your foot into the world of fashion if you are curious about it.


Obviously the best way to get into anything is trough some kind of education. You can educate yourself all the way from a product developer within clothes to textile designer if you wish. there are so many options, Just choose and try to find your nisch.


Internship can be the most easy way to get experience but also maybe the most difficult way to get experience, because you don´t know what you will end up doing. Either you will run and make other peoples duties or you will be with the cool people who is doing exactly those things you want to do. Just remember that a internship is not really in your hands so everything they ask you to do(within the agreement) just  try to make it as good as possible. So you can show them that you are a hard worker and believe in your dream. Perhaps they will offer you to stay.


If you want to be a part of , let say fashion week and your favorite brand is there. Why not give a call and ask if they need any dresser behind closed doors. To arrange a fashion show takes a lot of time and all help is needed. Smaller brands might be easier to get in touch with so try and see.

Opera/ Theater

If you have some education/experience within costumes (and of course sewing skills) then this might be something for you? My mother actually started her career that way in Sweden at our local theater, So do consider it. Even if you might not have the full knowledge that you think they need. Don´t be afraid to ask what they need from you. Perhaps you can do other things.



Yepp you can also just hang outside the fashionshows and hope that the street photographer will take a picture of you and your friend. Then become his friend and get all tips you need, they know things.Dont forget a cool outfit!

At the end of the day one have to be able to think outside the box a little bit, to be curious and ask people how to get where you want to go. People have so many fun stories about how they ended up with what they are doing today. Sometimes we think we have a clear picture of what we want to do but in the end we could be wrong if we don´t allow ourselves to be curious and try new things.


So go fetch your dream!

Photos: @fashionista@londonfashionweekkid

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