The right eyewear for my face shape

Spring is finally here and everyone is happy; you can finally take out that spring jacket and all of the other favorite clothes you squeezed in far back in your wardrobe.

And then when you feel all fly and everything you see is people outside who are one step ahead of you and bought some really nice fashionable shades. Even if the summer in Sweden hasn’t arrived yet it is still quite sunny outside.

Today shades are such an important accessory for some of us. For a person like me that only wears black clothes, shades for me become an awesome way to personalize my style more.

I want to share some tips with you (or perhaps you can call this a mini guide) I came across with that talks about finding the right shades to your face shape! You can find the articles here and here.

To be honest I normally just grab shades I like and I really don’t think so much about what really fits my face shape. If you are a rebel like me you wouldn’t mind it either. But if you want to know some hidden secrets about your face then read on.

Hope you find this helpful, if not then just do what you do best 🙂


Round shape Face
Rectangular shaped frames that are a bit on the thinner side fits well a round shaped face. That keeps it more balanced when it comes to proportions. Cat eye frames are still in and if you want to sharpen your soft features then cat eyeglasses are a good alternative. If you want to make your round face appear even more round then round shaped frames is a perfect shape to choose.

Square shaped face
If you have a square shaped face then oval frames will look really good on you. Try the thicker ones that have a lighter tone when it comes to colors. If you are a person who wants to show the contours of your beautiful face even more then try a thin frame that has different colors on the top and the bottom of the frame.

Heart shaped face
If you have a heart face shape that’s similar to Kylie Jenner and Dita von Teese (with the narrow brows and a broad chin) then a frame with a heavy bottom could be the one for you. Aviators are also something that could work really well on you since they complement your strong jar line.

Oval shaped face
Well it seems like an oval face is the one that fits most of eyewear. Round shaped frames fits really good on you as well as rectangular, oversized, as well as small ones. Just choose your favorites.


Featured image: Stephanie_danielle Instagram

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