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Sue Chintu

A Zambian model based in Sweden says her definition of beauty growing up was basically white beauty standards. She now has a wider view of beauty.

“My view of beauty is inclusive of all ethnicities and is not limited to physical beauty. I think that society/media/fashion nowadays is slowing working towards improving the beauty norms, which gives me hope for the future.”

Photo: Amun-Re photographer
Pandora Roa Brynildsen

A chilean born and raised in Sweden says she don’t think curvy/thick women are shown in a good light by media. She explains that “if a skinny girl takes a naked picture it’s seen as artistic, but if curves women (like Amber Rose or Rosa Acosta) does the same people are just going to look at it as “trashy hiphop bitches taking nude selfies” or something like that. Curves is something most women want and men desire but it’s not high fashion.”

Her beauty goals growing up was looking like the majority of people on Gotland, the island she’s raised on, white and thin. “My views went from stereotypical white girl to stereotypical sexy ass latina! It basically went from Baby Spice in Spice Girls to J Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Selena (not Gomez). The more curves, the better, flaunt them aswell.”

Photo: Latin times

Viola Nyirenda, a addiction counselor in Cambridge

Viola says she never followed fashion and hardly wore makeup even though growing up she just saw herself as a cute girl she’s more confident with how she looks now. “I would say I’m a natural beauty and that the media portrays beauty in the wrong way. It’s all about being “body perfect”, wearing too much make up and an unrealistic perception of what defines beauty.”

Bethlehem Isaak, Eritrean in Sweden

Bethlehem says her view of beauty changed as she realized that her mother was more beautiful then any white women ever and so was she. “It has changed also because I gained confidence. Everyone want to look like me nowadays which is weird because growing up I was “the ugly one” and now my looks are in many people’s eyes ideal in terms of curves etc.”

xxx, Tanzanian woman in Stockholm

I have realized that typical poc (people of color) features are beautiful. Big noses, kinky hair, thick eyebrows. It’s a battle to love your own features but I’m getting better at it!

Aeini Kutenbe, Somali woman in Sweden

Growing up Aeini thought fair skin and straighter hair was the norms of beauty.

“Because mine was too thick, too messy. And apperantly too long. But that was what everyone was feeding me and wanting me to believe, they thought I was strange and unique for drawing people with darker colors whilst they where trying to mix the beige and white pencils but little Aeini sat there and drew curly hair and scarves on her drawings.”

/Aysha Jones

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