The Queen who creates red carpet slayage!

I don’t see Africa the way other/media se it and I want to portray that.



Your a designer based in Sweden with West African roots, a muslimah and proud hijab wearer yet your designs are very bold and somewhat sexy. What goes through your mind when you create a garment and how much do you care about all prejudices people might have about you?

Well I let My self get inspired by something dear to me. Mostly it is about my heritage or something around my mother and Africa and then I just work trough it. I try to put all the stuff in a notebook and later on break it down to some sketches and so on. I always bring a piece of my culture and for me I always want to show the richness of West Africa we don’t mention. I don’t see Africa the way other/media se it and I want to portray that.

About what other may think about me doing what I do, I couldn’t care less. Not to trough shade or anything but I just don’t really care. Sweden thought me that trough the hard way. I’ve been trough too many things to even sit for 5 sec thinking about prejudice against me. And my base of people are very supportive and they are like me. They do they’re own thing and they are respected strong women that loves their selves. If you love yourself and you are proud of the person you are I will be the first to tell you that you won’t even hear a word of what people say. I know sometimes I come off as shy or not so tough about defending myself . But the only reason I don’t fight back is because of that. I don’t care and I rather put my energy on my pen and paper.web_fatima_010916_013

You have been called by many the queen of red carpet gowns and even used a fabric made into a dress for Queen Bey herself. How do you manage to stay on top of the game and keep wowing the public with new improved collections season after season?

Wow I’m so flattered really! Thanks! I mean Nigeria keeps me updated Nigeria is killing everything on the red carpet I love they’re style and I try to work with fabric manufacturers from there as much I can. A lot of the fabrics we Se in Hollywood comes from Africa and China. And Chinese are making fabrics that looks like African fabrics and selling them to Africa lol! I mean they know this is a good business and I do too. But I want to buy straight from Africa instead of somewhere else. I love searching these “gold corns “that we haven’t seen so much of. I think you have to be updated with fashion in general but me mostly red carpet looks and celebrity’s fashion because they do set the trends. And we do follow even if we don’t want to.

Will we ever see you make men’s wear and which male celebrity would you like to design for should you ever cross over to men’s design?

Yeah and I hope very soon!
Peter Jöback!!! Ola Salo!!! Peter Jöback also because he is the voice of Aladdin and I love Alladdin so it’s like two in one! Couldn’t be happier! And Ola was my comfort trough rough times in school so the Ark and him is dear to me, really corny but that’s the truth.

Describe for us your brand in one word.



What’s the three most important things you would like to advise a young designer trying to make it?

To always have faith in ur self , You really have to manipulate yourself into that you will succeed and after that work extremely hard I’m not joking one really have to! And then love what you are doing it almost have to be obsessive.

What’s the one item you can’t live without?

I don’t think I have any… I’m so detached to things it’s ridiculous but It would perhaps be my moisturizer black do crack…but if u moisturize it will stay intact!

Fatima was just recently awarded “Designer of the year” during LeNoir Creative Week 2016.

By Aysha Jones

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