The opening of Mall of Scandinavia

Yes, we were there and this is what we can say!

Traveling around is incredibly exciting and inspiring, especially as fashionista. If you are curious to travel and visit another country for inspiration and shopping, a visit to Sweden should be on your bucket list! Although the country is small Sweden is known as a major fashion countries thanks to all the internationally acclaimed Swedish brands, which managed to establish themselves around the world. The designers behind the brands have opened the eyes of the fashion industry by their creativity, strict and minimalistic fashion.

The 12th of november 2015 Sweden opened up the doors to Scandinavia’s largest shopping center, Mall of Scandinavia. This will be Sweden’s new meeting place for fashion-conscious shopping.

The shopping center is over 100 000 square meters large and has more than 200 shops. Yes, we know it’s a lot! It’s an ultimate place to visit for letting the creativity flow, get inspiration and spend money in one place. One of Sweden’s most well-known brands that has an international success worldwide is Filippa K can be found in their physical store that have opened in Mall of Scandinavia. Filippa K along with other well-known stores and chains as Victoria Secret, H&M and American Vintage can be found at the new mall.

A stop in Sweden for shopping in the Mall of Scandinavia is a must for any fashionista who wants to avoid walk around in different places to find the ultimate fashion item. Get a taste of Swedish fashion, food and atmosphere while you’re on the go!

Fashionista and couture designer Iman Aldebe was at the grand opening and gave us a quick review of the mall as well as the photos used in this article.

It’s fun that shops one could only find abroad have begun to establish themselves in Sweden. A minus is that now one can’t use the reason to shop in those stores to travel to places like London.
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