The Importance of Being Honest

Aren’t you tired of movie trailers? They promise that every movie will be the best one ever, but we know that that is (almost always) a blatant lie. Lucky Honest Movie Trailers is here to save us. 

Honest Movie Trailers does exactly what you think, they are honest. If a movie is ridiculous they will let you know, all while giving you a good dose of humor. But be warned: the trailers are full of spoilers. 

Screen Junkies (with over 5 million subscribers on YouTube!) are the creators of this YouTube sensation that takes everything from Christmas classics like Love Actually and new releases like Finding Dory and makes a trailer that says what everyone really thinks. 

If they think a movie has let the fans down, they will obliterate it. Like in their Suicide Squad trailer. 

And if a movie is a true masterpiece, it will be acclaimed. Like in this trailer of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. 

They even have a trailer for their own channel.

The only downside? You will become addicted and see things in your favorite movies that you never seen before- and spend way too much time watching their amazing trailers.


And the best thing? They listen to you. If you want a movie to get a truth-makeover just comment on their other videos! Click here to watch all of their amazing trailers.

What do you think? Is it better for trailers to be honest? Tell us in the comments.



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