Springrolls with baked Sweatpotato and a hot cashewnut dipping sauce


What you need:
Rice paper
1 large sweatpotato
Black radish
3 dl of shredded red kale
1 small butternut squash
spring onion, garlic
5 mushrooms
2 dl cashewnuts
2 dl peanutbutter
sesameoil, soysauce, sambal oelek
lime, watermelon

How to do it:

First you heat up the oven and place the sweatpotato in the middle of the oven. Its done in about 40-50 minutes. Slice and dice the butternut, onions, kale and  mushrooms and start frying them until soft. season with soy sauce, squeesed lime and a little sugar. Put aside and let it cool.

Take a small bowl and add peanutbutter and chopped cashewnuts together with sesamoil, sambal, lime and diced garlic. adjust the amount of oil depending how thick you want the sauce. You can always add more or less of each. season with a little sugar and pepper.

Prepare your springrolls by put one ark of ricepaper in water until it gets soft. Then take it out and put it on a flat surfice. Then add some of that delishoius veggiemixture and fold.

Check on your sweatpotato and if its soft in the middle, take it out and slice it up. Shredd some radish and to this dish I served it with watermelon. Now enjoy your springrolls, the hot dippingsauce and your rosted potato.


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