Pyttipanna – A Swedish Classic with a Healthy Twist

What you need:

4 portions

1,5-2 kg of boiled potatoes
3 yellow onions
2 packages of Vegan Bacon
Cooking oil (for frying)
4 eggs (Optional, Leave out to make it 100% vegan)
A Jar of pickled red beets.

How to do it:

This recipe is superfast and perfect for days with minimum time and maximum comfort. Peel and dice your potatoes, vegan bacon, and onion in equally small pieces. Heat up a frying pan and start to fry your mix until golden. Don’t forget to season.


If you want eggs with your Pyttipanna, this is the time to fry them. Make sure that they are creamy in the center when you serve them.  I like to serve this with pickled red beets for a genuine Swedish taste.


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