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by Monday, February 29, 2016

Lets fill our wardrobes with love


Most people can accept vegetarians, some people can accept vegans but only few can handle vegan fashion. Even plant based eaters themself often roll their eyes when somebody is talking about their newest vegan designer bag…


High fashion. Stella McCartney 2016


The skin of a cow makes 10% of the profit of a whole cow, therefore its the most profitable part and after we`re done making it into a bag, its loaded with chemicals!

And vegan fashion doesnt equal high prices, many brands you might be already wearing have vegan products, like several shoes from Vans and Nike! Yay!

So lets talk about compassionate shopping, because its more than just fashion, its just as important as talking about plant based diets, plus a vegan fashionista has got to live a little, right?

“Most of the women here tonight probably don’t even know the bags aren’t leather, and I find that very exciting.”
Stella McCartney


The myth: A byproduct of the meat industry, so its more sustainable to use it than to just throw it away. Plus, faux leather is literally plastic, therefore worse for the enviroment. Faux leather also looks cheap and doesnt hold long, feels like plastic.


Affordable and adorable: Melie Bianco

The truth: Leather is not just it byproduct, in fact it makes 60% of the profits of cattle farming. Leather isnt more natural than faux leather, many highly toxic chemicals are needed, to make a cows skin into a `nice`bag. That and the fact how bad cattle farming and the neccessary chemicals are for the enviroment, makes it not more sustainable than the `plastic`versions of it. Faux leather doesnt smell or look cheap and plastic like anymore (of course bad quality  faux leather smells and looks horrible, just like very cheap real leather does)! We often even buy products of which we think its real leather, but is faux, thats how good it is.

Learn more about the truth and industry of leather here

So why still see the `real leather`sign as an idicator for quality and more natural option, if you know it`s not?

If you want a faux leather bag thats high in quality, you do not have to go for a super pricey Stella McCartney bag, although they are lovely! I just bought myself the beautiful daily bag from the designer Denise Roobol her bags are to die for! Beautiful and often timeless designs, lovely colors, you dont have to be vegan to love them!

Another lovely brand for bags is Matt&Nat with designs made for eternity and have a look at the lable Melie Bianco, who is super affordable with prices from 30$ to 90$


Denise Roobol


The myth: What is so wrong with silk and wool?  Sheeps need to be shorn, right? Otherwise they`ll end up looking like this And shearing doesnt hurt them.

The truth: We created sheeps, like the merino sheep, that need to be shorn. Wild sheeps, like the Dalls sheep do not need to be shorn!

The procedure of shearing is scary for sheeps (my son doesnt even want me to cut his hair, although he is nearly four years old trusts me and understands what I do!), as a result of that, they try to escape. but the workers have got to do their work quick, so they are not nice and friendly, while shearing the frightened sheep. No, they are rough, kick and beat the sheeps and often the sheeps have little, sometimes bigger injuries afterwards.

Learn more about it here:

There are plenty of alternatives for wool!

We dont need it, so why still choose to buy and wear it, if we know whats behind it?


I love plastic, it`s fantastic!

The Earth



Vaute Couture

Myth: Silk is just better quality satin.

Truth: Silk is made by a caterpillar, which make a threat that can get 1000 meters long! It takes the caterpillar 7 days,another 7 days and we`d have butteflies,but since we want this threat as a whole, the caterpillars get cooked in their threat-home and voilá a new scarf is made.

Silk is an incredible material, I know. Its extraordinary, mystique, feels great on the skin, but the way its made is just not fashionable. But we live in 2016 and there`s a fabric called rayon. Cheaper than silk, breathable and it comes close to its original!

Fur and exotic leather


Faux ostrich fom Gunas NewYork

I dont want this post to end in a rant, since theres probably nothing as cruel as the things that happens to animals on croco, ostrich, fur and snake farms, so all Im going to say is, Just really dont! It upsets me terribly what revival fur is having these days, I dont know when this became chic (again) and in no way I can understand how an animals fur, which was stripped from it alive and fully concious can be an It-piece. Its hard for me to find words about this, so I`ll just leave some links below, where you can read what people support, when they buy and wear those kinds of materials. Blood really isnt a good look.

Shop with love!


The next one is graphic, but eypecially if you still see an Hermes birkin bag as the “ultimate bag of the bags” click the next link, I for myself, will continue to wait until my cruelty free Denise Roobol bag arrives.

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