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by Tuesday, February 23, 2016

  My favorite excercises for stengthening and shaping your body no gym needed!

How can you start your fitness journey, when you have no time to go to the gym,  no or little equipment and just dont know how to start?
Many are afraid to start from zero inside a gym surrounded by so many other people… I started with a fitness regimen, which I was abled to do at home and want to share my favorite excercises with you!
If you already have dumbbells, a barbell or resistance bands, good! You can add them, if you wish, to pretty much every excercise I`ll list below.

The most important thing about every excercise is, that you do them safe and correct.
If you`re new to training, it sometimes might be difficult to have a good form.
You might do an excercise correct or at least close to that and still dont feel the muscles working and burning.
There is somethinimageg we call mind-muscle-connection. Here are a few tips to practice your mind-muscle-connection and get the most out of every excercise

1. Study the excercise, to spot mistakes. Look up which muscles exactly are involved in the movement, sport anatomy books and youtube videos can be a big help as well as video taping yourself.

2. Add a tiny bit of extra weight, like a water bottle or light dumbbells, to spot the perfect angle where certain excercises work your muscles best

3. Try variations! Don`t  feel those squats and couldnt yet spot the error? Try plié or sumo squats, try it with one leg elevated on a step aerobic board etc.

Now lets get to my favorite and/or essential excercises


Russian twists, you can hold dumbbells, a medicine ball, a water bottle, a brick or your child in your hands 😀 what ever comes in handy for you (dont try it with your cat, just believe me on this one!)
Flutter kicks and legs raises, add ankle weights to the kicks or hold a weight between your feet when you do leg raises for more intesity
Planks and variations, awesome to stabilize your core and test your will power, set a timer and go!

Chest my kryptonite…
Push ups and variations Dont be ashamed to start from the bottom. I even had clients who couldnt do push ups on the floor when we started and instead had to do them in a mimageoderate angle on a wall.
Bench press, you dont even need a bench, press what ever you find!
Flys, with dumbbells, water bottles, or with resistance bands while standing

Back and shoulders A strong back is important, we dont have to discuss that. But strong shoulders? Many women are afraid to look too muscular when they train their arms. I promise you wont get to a hulk-like shape just by training your arms every week. Well defined and more muscular shoulders will even help your arms look slimmer and prettier! Believe me! Train them!
Dumbbell press & variations, again, grab whatever you can and press dat shhhhh. Resistance bands work too. In case you have nice stength in your shoulders already or want to challenge yourself, go into an headstand and press up in a handstand, if thats too hard, try it the other way around and slowly go down from hand- to headstand
Side raises, weights of books, full bottles or resistance bands are a great way to do those excercieses, same goes for
Rows standing or, if you have a bench, like this https://www.instagram.com/p/u_v8xdBnpQ/?taken-by=_projectshehulk_
Back extensions as well as back and leg lifts work great too.

Arms Dont be afraid to gain muscles! Under arm dingle dangle isnt the better option, right?
Triceps extensions, push downs and french curls, grrrrreat and love them all! Just make sure you wash your hair before you do those, one or two days after training and it might get difficult 😉
Curls & variations of curls as well as every pace. I like starting with slow and controlled movements and pump my arms up with faster reps at the end

Legs and booty now we`re talking…
Squats and eimagevery variation possible! This is a key excercise to build strength in your legs and glutes. An example of a variation on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/uiyhRkBng_/?taken-by=_projectshehulk_
Lunges & variations, try them with the front or back leg elevated or try side lunges
Donkey kicks, if you want a plumper booty do it like a donkey!
Hip thrusts, if you cant add weight then hold on top and squeeze your glutes
Hip abductions and kick backs (with ankle weights or bands if you want to), shape the booty you desire362
Calf raises, nice calfs look double as nice in high heels. I like doing 40 calf raises everytime I shower
Good mornings or deadlifts, key excersises which train your quads and hamstrings as well as your back
No matter which excercises you perform, I encourage you to hold and squeeze the muscles at the climax of the excercise, this makes a big difference. And dont underestimate the power of negatives!


If you want to share an excercise or your thoughts on this post with me, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Now off the couch and go,go,go!


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