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by Saturday, February 20, 2016

If salad makes you cry and eating enough fruits and veggies is ard for you, then this blog post is just for you 😉

My favorite raw and semi raw foods for a balanced diet


Five portions of fruits and veggies is the daily recommodation we should get in. That means 650 grams of fresh produce, but the reality is germans only eat 178 grams fresh produce a day and I doubt this numbers look better in america and most western countries.


Whis that?image
If you are eating a sad (standart american diet) or a regular german diet, “squeezing” five portions of fruits and veggies in might be difficult.
Over the last decades we tend to see raw foods more and more as a supplementation, than the foundation it actually is in a healthy diet.
Most people only “add” fresh foods to their standart diet. Replacing a complete meal for a raw one? That sounds like “I`ll be hungry again in 3,2,1…”

Five portions…
1 serving of arugola, 1 kiwi, 1 handfull of raspberries, 1 banana & 1 orange
This list seems too long for many, but at the same time doesnt seem to be enough to replace a full meal.

And why is that?
Why arent used to eat raw.
We are used and conditioned to eat processed foods.
We arent used to make food from scratch anymore, whether its raw or cooked.
We are far from everything natural.


The solution:
What if I told you its easy peasy to get those five portions in, just with one or two meals?
My favorite raw and semi raw foods helped me getting far from struggling to get my five portions in to even making fresh produce the foundation of my diet.
Give it a try and I promised it will make eating fresh easier for you too!

1. Smoothies and smoothie bowls
I pretty much always use bananas as my foundation, because they are filling and a good buy in the cost to calorie ratio. You pay little, you get a lot!.image
Then I like to add berries, mangos, kiwis or what ever my fruit stack offers.
To make it a real smoothie and not only a mashy something you should add a liquid, like fresh pressed orange or blood orange juice, but you can use water as well as coconut water or some kind of vegan milk if you want it to be more milkshake like.
You might as well add superfoods like hemp and chia seeds to raise the healthy fat, protein and calcium intake or moringa, maca or barleygrass powder.
You can add leavy greens like baby spinach, arugola too, start with a little bit and add more and more over the time, your tastebuds will adapt and your body will thank you for it!
Make sure the fruits are fully ripe (banans for axample should be spotty!).

Freeze peeled bananas to make sure they dont go from spotty to digusting and to have chilled smoothies or make smoothie bowls and nicecream, which are an excellent way if you want to chew a little bit more or dont like everything mixed. You can add oats too, to make it extra filling too. Plus, smoothie bowls aimagere so pleasing for the eyes 🙂

2. Nicecream
Another use for you frozen bananas. Just blend them. Since I dont have a fancy expensive blender I have to cut my bananas into smaller pieces and add a little bit of juice or spelt milk to the bananas to blend them properly. You can blend them with soy yoghurt too, which gives an extra creamy ice!
Add cacao powder and nibs to get chocolate nicecream, or vanilla drops, get creative!
I sometimes let my son put colorful sprinkles that you use for baking over his bowl and he always finishes his nicecream while he barely finishes one tiny portion of ice in restaurants.

3. Juices
Juices are a good and easy way to get lots of nutrients in!
You can blend pretty much everything. You can freeze your juice into popsicles, drink it in between meals, store it for a few days in your fridge (its better to drink it straight away tho.)
Just like with smoothies and nicecream the combinations are endless!
The only downside, juicing is rather costy and just juice wont do it, because the left over pulp contains all the fiber our colons need (colon cancer is on the rise and many doctors say its, next to other causes, due to lack of fiber in peoples diets).

4. Wraps
Some days I might eat one whole head of salat as a salad, but regularly Im not a big salad lover. I dont like tomatoes, cucumimagebers are boring to me, Im a picky salad eater. But wraps make it easy and fun to eat salad for the whole family.
Simply fill some bowls with different veggies, kidney beans, lentils, different kinds of salad and find a sauce that does it for you. I like sriracha and humus for example, while my son prefers vegan breadspread of all kinds or selfmade vegan tzaziki.
All those foods are easy to prep and offer tons of variations.

You can easily take them to school or work with you. They are a good and easy way to pave the way to a career as a chef for your kids 😉
They do not only add the nutrients to you diet, they help your body repair itself, are good for your soul, plus they add color to our life!


And you dont even have to cook for hours. Hurray!!!

Five a day? That will sound like a joke to you if you already get those in by breakfast.


XOXO Sally

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