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by Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ital food

My breakfast

My breakfast

Ital food is a very important segment of rastafarianism, but what does it mean?

  • Livity Food! Food that promotes livity and energizes the body.
  • Vegan! Veganism is promoted, although many rastas eat a rather vegetarian diet, some eveneat meat, but NEVER pork!
  • Pure Food! unprocessed foods, no GMO
  • Less Salt and Sugar! If rastas use salt, they use it sparely and sea salt or salt with nothing added (like flourid)
  • No alcohol! Many strict rastas stay away from caffeinated drinks and soda as well
  • Avoiding metal cooking utesils! Strict rastas use clay and wood cookpots

Its all about being closer to nature and staying away from industialised, processed food and food that isnt supporting mental and physical health. This is not a diet plan, this is the original soul food! It`s a lot about finding you center.

Sounds boring to you? Then you should have a look into an ital cookbook:

Stir-frys, smoothies and juices, rice and beans or peas, callaloo all wonderful ideas to prep delicious ital food.

Before anyone cared about diets, rastas found the food that now is preached as a healthy diet and is the cure for symptoms and diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, nutritional deficies and so on. Ital food can be be backed up by so many studies nowadays, but back in 1930 there was No Doctor needed!!! to find the keys of healthy eco friendly living.

I and I dont believe, I and I know!

Eat like a rasta, feel like a king!

Changing your eating habits can be a major milestone in living a more concious, spiritual, happier and awoke life.

I dont feel like I`m missing out on something, because I try to avaoid fast food, I only add richness to my life by choosing not falling for the fancy food we have today (or at least less, a girl needs a cookie from time to time).

Treat yoself! By eating more like a rasta you can help yourself adding not only health but depth to your life, because its more than just food.

Am I a rasta?

Yes. I struggle with accepting the bible, I struggle with Jesus. But that is good. It`s good to question things. The bible was pasj 166sed through so many hands of rich and influecial people before we all were allowed and abled to read, I simply KNOW its altered to keep many people small, but still I carry two bibles in my household. I strugglewith Jesus because I saw the white washed picture of him way too often. But I know Gambia/africa is my heaven on earth and I know I`ll have to go back one day. I know that love is the power that keeeps everything going. I dont have to grow dreads and smoke marijuana to be a real rasta. I can have a drink here and there, I dont have to cook on open fire so I can cook in clay pots, I know that jah lives in me and I know that earth offers the cure for everything. Im trying to live closer to nature, to make more room others, eco not ego. Im striving for a simpler but richer life every day and I know that ital vegan food is the way.

I dont believe god loves me, I know Jah does! Its all about knowledge and love!

Being rasta is more than a lable, its love for yourself and others. Sounds pretty good to me.

Let us try some ital and jamaican recipes in future, shall we?

XOXO Sally

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