Eating like a Rasta!

by Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are you vegan enough?

Many people on Instagram are making everything a competition and vegans are no ek 113xeption. I`d even call vegans the masters of competitons.

“Oh, but youre not fully raw tho… :\”, a comment from a follower on a picture of Rawvana on Instagram

Fully Raw Vegans, vegans who only eat uncooked vegan dishes, bash on Raw till 4 Vegans, vegans who eat mostly raw but sometimes enjoy a cooked dinner (Oh how do they dare?!), Raw till 4 Vegans bash on `pudding vegans`aka vegans who will eat what ever is vegan.

Thats sad to see and hard to understand for me, because to me being vegan is more than a lable, its just one part of my mindset, part of my spirituality.

But I guess for most people veganism is the centre. Compassion for animals is a branch, as is health and the enviromental aspect. My centre is something else and veganism is only a branch of it…

What does this have to do with Rastas?

A lot, because food is not only an important part of rastafarianism. Rastafarianism is a way to show love and respect, a religion that isnt too fixed on words and strict dogmas, it offers alot of freedom, some rastas stetch it so far, but still they arent looked down on, because its more than rules, ital food and god, it is love.

Maybe I should give you a rough intro on what rastafarianism is, if you dont need this introduction, simply check the next post/second Part of this article “Ital food”.Lion of juda

  • a movement/religion starting in the 1930`s after the coronation of Haille Selassi I as the emporor of Ethopia
  • He is seen as the son of god (the comeback of Jesus)
  • His original first name befor coronation was Tafari, which forms the word RASTAFARI (ras=title of a chief, also means head)
  • god is called jah, a short for Jahweh or Jehowa)
  • rastas accept big parts of the bible, but believe that its meaning and interpretation was corrupted
  • Zion is Ethopia and that means its the original birthplace of humankind, thats why going back to Africa (physically, mentally but most impoatly spiritually is an important part of this religion), everything out of Africa is often called babylon

“Ethopia shall soon stretch out of her hands unto god.” psalms 68.31

  • Holy trinity (father, son, holy spirit), in which the holy spirit is interpreated as something within us, that is why rastas replace “I” and “we” with I and I

Music was my teacher

Music is a big part of the rasta “movement” and I heard reggae music before I was born and never stopped loving it. I soaked my soul in it and since I didnt knew any real rastas (my father with his beautiful dreads and love for reggae was the most rasta thing I`ve seen as a young girl), it became my teachers and I still carry its lessons in my heart.

Reggae taught me about the magic of mother nature, the natural mystic, to accept why I feel the need to give and to go back to africa one day, about universal love and unity.

my father and my sister, early 90`s

my father and my sister, early 90`s

It showed me something that bible school couldn`t and gave me the pride to embrace my spirituality and outer apperiance more than strict religious dogmas. It connected body and soul, what gave me peace and self love.

And apparently, it taught me about the importance of food as well.

If you like reggae, you probably know Peter Tosh the former wailors member who was a true rasta and promoted his knowledge in several songs. He talks about living meat and alcohol free in this song Mystic man Peter Tosh. Black Uhuru is another famous reggea band, who talked about the importance of excercise and meat free nutrition in this song Fit you haffe fit Black Uhuru.

check out part two “Ital is vital” 😉

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