Oils is the new black

Why not celebrate this New Year with a fresh start and fresh skin? Dealing with the same products will at some point get boring and maybe you’re ready to try something new.
Lets burn the myth about how oil only comes in one shape. There are several different oils, all with its own unique ability. I’ve listed the ones I feel might come in handy to kick start this year.

Tea tree oil: The essential oil for the one with acne or just problem skin. It has an anti-bacterial quality which is useful when preventing those red spots, and minimizing the already occurring ones. If you’re suffering from excess oil this could really be a game changer. But be careful, this is dehydrating and should not be used by people with normal or dry skin; if you must, use it as spot treatment. You don’t want your epidermis to become too dry, even that causes outbreaks.

Argan oil: Extracted from the tree of life (argania spinosa), it’s known for its anti-ageing and moisturizing effects. The content of antioxidants are high, which means it could help you protect your body from free radicals. Perfect for your whole body and face, use in the bath tub for a silk feeling or mix it in your self made scrub.

Coconut oil: Lost your glow and you want it back? If it’s not because of the scent, then use it because of its fatty acids (some people even use it for frying). Great as a hair mask on dry to fine hair, leave it over night for damaged hair.
This is also suitable for the ones suffering from really dry skin.

Jojoba oil: This is really a fungicide, also known as antibacterial. Use on dry wounds or scars to keep them from cracking. Some even finds this oil to be good for cleansing, but it’s not for everyone. Try it on a cotton pad the next time you’re in the shower, you’ll notice if its too dry for you.

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