My life as an makeupartist (part 3)

I get the question pretty much everyday, how is my makeup-career really going, so I thought, hey, why not let everybody in on it? Owning your own company is not the easiest and I must say I did not choose a career short of competition. Everybody wants to work with makeup today, and some (uneducated) will even do it for free.


If there´s anything I´ve learned in my career life it´s that everybody wants you to work for free, especially since they don´t see that time is money when it comes to beauty-related work. How am I supposed to make a living if I´m working for free? Every hairdresser alive knows what I´m going on about. Please stop asking hairdressers for free haircuts, it´s an insult really, offer them something in return or pay up!

Anyway currently I´m working 2 jobs, one as a waitress and one as a fashion clerk alongside with Fashion9one1, my soon to be published website and as always my portfolio. I´ve done a lot since I graduated from Makeupstudio in Stockholm, Sweden only 1,5 years ago. But it`s never really enough. You have to get contacts and then when you have that you realize you got contacts in the wrong category and you do it all over again. I want to go all in the fashion industry, and I figure that that might mean a lot of free work to get in touch with the right people, so I´m saving money to be able to do that. Therefor I am not active on the paid makeup job-side. But once the site is launched I imagine I will get a lot of private bookings.


To make it as a makeup artist you have to focus on these key points;

  1. Pick your industry and makeup style
  2. Set goals
  3. Become really great at that, preferably by educating yourself
  4. Become quick
  5. Make a killer portfolio
  6. Get in touch with the right people
  7. Be ready to work for free but also be aware not to be taken for granted and put down your foot from time to time
  8. Work your ass off and don´t stop until your fingers are bleeding
  9. Have fun


Part one can be found here and part two here.

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