movies all fashion lovers must see!

When life is tough and the sky is grey, what do you do to cheer yourself up? Is it candy? ,shopping ,music a good book our something simple as hanging out with your brother. For me the best thing is to enjoy a film Noire filled with beautiful gowns and jewelry. That makes me exited anytime!
But it is also the perfect way  to understand fashion trough someone else’s lenses and understand how broad fashion really is. 

So here are few movies any fashion lover really must see. Some really old and some quite new.


1, Gildaimage

A oldie but a goodie! If you like black and white movies then this will do it good! Gilda played by one of Hollywood’s most famous actress Rita Hayworth is such a beautiful woman to watch . I also choose this one just because of the iconic ” glove striptease “scene which definitely made a impact in fashion history. This movie is really elegant beautiful and fun.


2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s


A must see for everyone and any Audry Hepburn fanatic. In this movie she is playing a lonely, struggling writer a independent young woman who strives to be a high-climbing socialite. She loves high-fashion and wild parties. And she is getting very spoiled by wealthy men. And to know what her deep secret is you have to watch it. Beautiful clothes from the 60’s and lovely colours.


3. Dior and I


Have you ever thought about how it is to run one of  the strongest brand and empire within the fashion industry? If you have then you are going to love this. You will feel the stress the anxiety the frustration but also everything that makes it worth all of that. And in the end the most beautiful collection in a rose land by Dior.


5,The Devil Wears Prada


I think by now everyone has seen this stylish movie. But no matter how much you see it over and over again, Meryl Streep is still an amazing actress. This fashionable movie really fits her. Luckily she seems nicer in real life. If you want to Se a similar movie like this one but more as a documentary about life at  Vouge and Anna wintour . Watch the Septembers issue , you will not be disappointed!


5. Sex and the city (1,2 and probably 3)


Carry Samantha and Charlotte, always good looking and always trendy. This is a good reminder that fashion is for everyone. But also how playful fashion can be even as a lawyer ,mum and a bride. if you have money…..


6, Follow the fleet 


This one is a longtime favorite as I discovered black and white movies in the library’s of Barcelona. After that Fred Astaire became a favorite actor of mine . This one is a musical that is just amazing. Beautiful dresses from the 30’s and a young stepping Fred.


8. Valentino the last emperor
This movie about Valentino and his partner is absolutely adorable in one way and also a little bit annoying. But what I like about this one is that you will see the business side of the fashion industry and how difficult it is to be an artist as well as a businessman. How a designer in the end don’t own his own company. And what happens when a designer no longer own his own company.

Do you have any more movies i can ad on my list?

Source: /Instagram @mowiereview 7@mth129@femme.pour.femme( featured image is from the movie Jackie O.)


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