Meet Ty Hunter Beyoncé’s stylist

Don’t you just love a really good story with a good end to it. I’m hopeless when it comes to the American Dream! I so believe in the whole believe in yourself cind of thing. I’ve been following this special stylist for a while becouse of his taste and personal style. But also to have a small glimts into the glamorous life of a stylist…and of course hard work.
Tyrone Hunter is a really talented man that really makes the world remember his style. Anytime you see queen B on the red carpet just know that this man was probably part of it.


Tyler Tyrone 34 fashion stylist years

For many years ago 1995 to be exact Ty was working in a shop back in the day’s in Houston Texas when a lovely woman name Tina Knowles stopped by the shop. She used to go there when she needed clothes for a group named Destiny’s child. Known as they’re designer but also mother of Beyoncé knowles and Kelly Rowland (Tina adopted Kelly in early age) Ty got used to the visits and started to save clothes for miss Tina. One day Ty took the phone and called Tina herself and she invited him over

” And the rest is history ”

They have now been working together for almost 18 years now. And Tyrone describes them as his family.

Trough his social media this is a man that promotes hard work and loyalty to people you love. Not only is he a stylist but he is also a true entrepreneur and a designer. Tyrone has his own clothing line and not long ago he launched it with success. A unisex clothing line that became popular.
He also launched a phone case called Ty-light with a light around for the perfect selfie.image

I feel that it’s quite refreshing to Se a stylist like him. He keeps it really real on his social media without beeing shady or judgemental which I feel is lost in this industry sometimes. Specially these days when we think bullying in media is not bullying in real life. You can still be successful and humble and he seems like that. I really admire people that work hard no matter what it is.

Follow Ty here Instagram: tytyrone


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