Is your Wardrobe Sustaineble?

Sometimes its really difficult to know  how to make a impact in this world. Sometimes it’s  really easy to make a change and sometimes it feels impossible to make a change depending on whom you are talking to.But if we care about this world then your wardrobe can actually make a difference for the environment 

Let us start with your t-shirt for example….
Did you know that Cotton is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber and it’s almost 40 percent of our clothing. The garment industry loves cotton! But the truth is that it’s  a thirsty little plant that drinks up more of its fair share of water. It is also  one of the most chemically dependent crops in the whole entire world. Cotton does consume 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and 25 percent of insecticides. Some genetically modified varieties, which are resistant to some insects and tolerant of some herbicides.
But then we have organic cotton wich might seem like a smart choice (and it still is) but what we know now is that it can still take more than 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Also unfortunately the problem with pollution , transportation aswell as other issues still exists. Even if the cotton is organic the manufacturing and dyeing of fabrics is still chemically intensive. So even when you throw your t-shirt it will still take 200 years for it to desolve plus the dying in that t-shirt can still enter into our water.
I remember my sewing teacher telling me that in order to wash away all the strongest toxins in a new garment you have to wash it almost ten times! And if you have problem with exema or sensitive skin then clothes closest to your skin is really important to pay attention to when it comes to what the fabric is made of.
Information like that makes me feel like –  ok so what can I do?

Eventough its hard to know where to start organic fabric is still a really good option. And you can really feel the difference. Also make it a habit to see what your item is made of and so on. Becouse if you get a reaction at least you can know what fabrics your skin don’t like!




But Sustainable fashion is not just about materials and konsumtion! Sustainable fashion is not only about the process around the garment its also how we consume and why we consume. How can we change our patterns? And this is where i think we can do a lot of changes that are not so difficult.
According to SCB in Sweden, the average swede buys 120 000 tons of clothes wich is 13 kg per person every year. But we only recycle 23 000 tons of clothes. not much right.
We could be so much better then that. We could for example sell our clothes better, give it up for charity our for other to use , buy more clothes from Second hand shops or borrow each other clothes or even swap clothes.
we can be more smart when we buy our clothes and try to buy clothes we know will stay in our wardrobe for a longer time. Specially those things we use a lot. Do we really need all those jeans that we are not using yet we want to buy more?
Not only that but what happen to the thread and the needle , we never repair our clothes anymore. And i know it is cheaper to buy a new one sometimes but do we really need to do that all the time.  If we buy things with better quality it wont break that easily, we do get what we pay for. At the same time i understand that popular eco brands are quite expensive as well,  on the other hand fast fashion becomes quite expensive in the end as well.
I want to leave you with some brands that here for the long run making a impact in the industry. They work with sustainable fashion that is trendy classy and 100% Friendly for you and the environment.

Here are the brands:
stella mccartney, Fillippa k, Kowtow,Shaina Mote and Green Room by ASOS


Pictures: instagram/ Stella Mccartney and Asos

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