Interview with Marcus Boson, The Blue Uniform

“If you want it bad enough you will succeed!”

The blue uniform is a simple idea with much love behind. The brand  combines Clean qualities with perfect fits in everything from jeans to caps.

The idea of the brand began back in 2010 when Marcus resigned from his job as a sales representative. The dream was to create a denim brand for the Scandinavian morden worker.

I have known Marcus little more than a year now and he is a very humble and inspiring person who really put 100% work and love in his brand. I have decided that my first post on Fashion 9one1 will be an interview with him and get an insight into the brand that for many is still unknown.


-How did you come up with the idea of The Blue Uniform?

I worked at this other Swedish denim brand for a while and I really enjoyed my time there. But one day the company decided to do some changes and wanted me to move from Stockholm to Gothenburg. To be honest with you, at that time I was not happy about what I was doing. I felt that I could do better clothes than the ones I was selling. When they wanted me to move I saw it as a sign so I quit my job and started the journey. To answer your question, the idea of The blue uniform was not something I invented in one day, it was a long procedure.

-What is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t have a certain designer or a brand that inspires me. For me it is all about “What would I like to wear”. I want The Blue Uniform to be something you can always wear, at work, at parties etc. I get inspired by people I see on the street.


-What is fashion for you?

Hard question, although I have my own brand I don’t really care for the latest trends that much. For me fashion is something timeless with a modern twist.

-Do you have any advice for people who wants to start their own brand?

First, the most important thing is to dare to do mistakes because you will always learn from them. Second, always be humble, no matter how much success you will have or not. And third, have fun! Dare to live your dream, sounds like a cliché but trust me, if you want it bad enough you will succeed!

-Where do you see TBU in 10 years?

I’m sorry, I have no answer on that one but I can tell you that my goal is to grow bigger, become an international  success but still never lose track of what The Blue Uniform stands for!


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