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This past time my little PR agency (LeNoir Public Relations) enjoyed a lot of achievements and accolades in major channels around the world.

I’m not the one that complains, checks out or take some time off but after the recent months escapades (and losses you have not seen), I felt that I long ago earned a break for ages if I wanted it. Obviously, I will not take that break. Those who know and / or have worked with me closely know that my brain is constantly in motion and that my turn of the key is not properly installed in the manufacture of the human workshop. For better or worse.

I feel however that there are a lot of people who feel and do as I feel and do. Work until they swoop and ignore your body’s warning signals. Many people ask me, very often, how I do to not crash and the unresolved recurring question “How do you find the time for it all ?!”.

Thought I would list some of my favorite tricks to get my everyday life with children, spouse, several commitments and growing businesses together.

1. Take advantage of your time!
By that I mean not that cliché “every second counts” as such, but I think more of that to be able to keep a pace one must be able to multitask. Washing your clothes?! Bring your cell phone, iPad or what you want and take the opportunity to respond to emails or write up an offer and so on.

No place is more glamorous than the mobile office in the privacy of your restroom, the perfect moment to check off something on the to do list!

2. A good plan is a and o, although it’s not crucial that it’s followed to the letter.

There is an expression that says, “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail” and I believe slavishly on this.
There is nothing worse than people who act without a plan. I get serious pains in my stomach of aimless people!

You can make a plan so advanced or simply as you like but please people, have a plan! Even if it is a trifle as “what should we eat today” to “how can I conquer the world”.

3. Network and see the effects work for you
Networking is extremely important and can often lead to unexpected opportunities and provide a ripple effect that you can elaborate on. There are many different institutions that hold regular meetings in different areas, Google is your best friend at this task!

4. Always, and i mean ALWAYS trust your gut
Oh my had I only listened to my gut the times I got burned!
There is something magical about our stomachs, they know what the heart and brain sometimes does not know or want to admit.

Dare to trust your own intuition and question what the stomach wants you to take it easy with.

5. “Jakamti jahule” says Wollof Njie
Translates to something like “what is stressed flaws” from Wolof, a West African language.

Never rush into or out of anything. Let things “marinate” and take time. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and not even Oprah reached her success in a year, which is the time that many have as their deadline.

I myself have been doing this a little more than a decade and can safely say I do not regret that I accelerated slowly in my career.

A good and solid foundation is invaluable in life and specially in business!

6. Select your team properly and learn how to know when it is time to move on

I think the headline speaks for itself so I will stop here and say no more.

7. Do not be afraid to lose
The winner is the one who stands most times after falling down!

You will go on the 99 rivets before you win the lottery of life. That is if you are not Blue Ivy or Northwest that has already won everything there is to win, we mortals must be content to learn the hard way and rip out some H & M shoes before we can dress ourselves in Balmain.

8. Prioritize right!
Remember that the most important thing at the end is that you are happy and have good health. That you have your loved ones around you and you wake up with a genuine smile in the morning.
Money and success is King but family and health is Queen, and we all knows who run the world!

9. In the midst of all the chaos dare say fuck it and have a cup of tea!
Sometimes a short break is the best you can do in a stressful situation, a short detour can sometimes provide a fresh perspective and that little but oh so needed push to finish a project or crack a hard nut.
Quick PR tips for a company in start

1. Master your external contacts!
Ex. Social Media

2. Know your target audience
Why spend hours on convincing people to buy your service when you can get the right client to do so in seconds?!

3. Give value to your customers
Everybody loves to feel like they “got something extra”, find a easy way to show your clients you appreciate their business.

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