Yes it is true!
Zara is the next one to design a small collection  for H&M ! Theese collaborations do not dissapoint us. Zara Larsson is by far one of the many talented artist from Sweden and by the age of only  19 she also becomes one of the youngest to design a collection together with the design team for H&M.

  • – It feels really fun to collaborate with H&M  ihave Always loved the brand and their fashion that feels fun and is available for all type of women , wich is important for me she say´s at a press Conference.(link down below)
What we know about Zara´s collection at the moment  is that it will be  a mix between  street fashion , party clothes and stageclothing. The collection will reflect her style and who she is. H&M will also at the same time promote her new album and her music will be on display in all of the selected shops so everyone can get a taste of the music aswell.
But not everybody feels that this is great news. A lot of her fans was dissapointed about the collaboration just becouse of the rumors around H&M. Childwork and underpayed jobs has been questions that H&M quite often gets asked about. So on the behalf of her fans and herself since she wanted to clear out all the misconceptions  she actually called  for a extra meeting to just disscus that topic.
According to Joanna Morell who is responsible for the press at H&M she said that H&M do not support any kind of childwork and that they have thousands of controlls just to avoid this. They always work hard  with theese things.
All fans of Zara  will be able to buy her clothes in 18:th of May 2017 in selected H&M shops. And Zara will release her new album “So Good” the 17:th of May and H&M will be promoting her music in the shops after the release of the album.
We can not wait!!
source : https://about.hm.com/sv/media/news/general-2017/ZARA-LARSSON-HM.html
photo : instagram @Zaralarson

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