Get the basics for your wardrobe

”For me it’s all about quality”

If you should spend a little extra money on your wardrobe you should do it on the bacics. For me it’s all about quality and fit. If you buy good quality it will last much longer and you will feel the difference.

1. Good shoes, a pair of sneakers and a pair of boots.

2. A pair of classic blue jeans. Aim for a medium blue wash so you can wear them all seasons.

3. A t-shirt, preferably in one color, black, navy, white or grey. When you find that perfect tee buy 2-3 at once.

4. Alternative pants, a little more casual but still dressed up, think suit or chinos. What color? and again I would say black, navy or grey because then you can wear them to everything.

5. A simple shirt, I personally prefer a classic regular fit. It should work both tucked in your pants and not.

6. Leather Jacket, it can not get more timeless then a leather jacket. It is not always optimal in the climate we live in but it is worth every penny to invest in the ”perfect ” leather jacket.


All pictures are taken from Pinterest.

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