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Disneyland is known for being “the happiest place on earth”.

And if you go there you will understand the saying: you see little children meeting their favorite Disney characters, everyone seems to have a smile on their face and as the park is located in the Golden State the sun is (almost) always shining. But what happens when the sun goes down? You are still at the happiest place on earth but now you have the chance to experience it differently.  With the dark you can make it both magical and, if you want, a bit spookier.

Here are five things you should do at Disneyland and California Adventure after sunset.


1. The Tower of Terror

To truly experience the atmosphere of this creepy ride you need to step into it at night. The story is that you are riding the old elevators of The Hollywood Tower Hotel that in the 1930’s failed and made several guests plummet to their death. This ride based on the TV- cult classic The Twilight Zone takes you several stories up in the building and before you fall down to your death you can see the whole park through holes in the building, and it looks amazing and eerie at night.



2. World of Colour

We have all seen our favorite Disney characters projected on the big screen but this magical spectacle lets you seen them projected on water. Yes you read it correctly, water. This half our show hosted by Mickey Mouse and Neil Patrick Harris tells the story of Walt Disney and his dream and uses the water in the Pier area in California Adventure to create a ginormous movie screen out of water. You have too see it for yourself to believe it.

And before the late night show you can compete with the other people in the audience about controlling the lights on Mickey Mouse’s fun wheel: and that’s a fun privilege you’ll want to have.



3. The Haunted Mansion

This is another ride you should go on at night in order to enhance its creepy atmosphere. Located in the New Orleans Square this classical Disneyland attraction should also be experienced in the dark, that’s the only way to truly experience ghosts and ghouls, right?



4. Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever

When the sun has set in the Disneyland park it is time for the colourful Paint the night Parade. Your favorite characters are all gathered in this bright celebration that ends is the classical Disneyland Forever fireworks spectacular. Going through the crowded Main Street USA it can be hard to get a good view without having called dibs on a spot several hours before. If you don’t feel the need to see the parade up close and want an alternative view of it you can go on the ride Astroorbitor located in the neighboring Tomorrowland and see the spectacular from the sky.

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5. Fall Behind

Lastly, but not least, you should take the opportunity to walk through the streets of Disneyland when there is as little people as possible. Either you go around the park when everyone else is watching the parade and fireworks or you locate yourself at the end of the park when it’s closing so you have to walk to the gates through close to empty streets. It is quite a special feeling to experience the park without a crowd.

What do you think? Will you try these tips at Disneyland? Tell us in the comments below!

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