Game of Thrones: The Costumes

I have always been fascinated with the story a garment can tell.

In a film or series even the smallest detail of a character’s outfit can reveal the ending of the whole story, showing how much work and thought that goes into the costume design. Tomorrow marks the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones and my favorite part about HBO’s hit series is the amazing costume design by Michele Clapton. She has been nominated for a primetime Emmy for best costume design for all of the Game of Thrones seasons and won two of those, if that isn’t proof of how good her designs are I don’t know what is. Sadly she will not return for this new season and in her honor and in anticipation for the new series I want to share some of the best costumes from the previous season.

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Sansa’s Coat


I would have loved to have Sansa’s coat to have kept me warm this winter with its beautiful silhouette and long half- sleeves. Not only is it beautiful in design, it’s also beautiful in storytelling: she has the same coat design as Littlefinger, showing that they are now a team in the battle of survival. And what a team they make.


Daenery’s  dragon scale dress and Targaryen emblem dress

As she is the mother of dragons there is no surprise that the main inspiration for her costumes comes from just that: dragons. In this first dress we see an intricate dragon scale treatment of the fabric, showing that Dany is more and more adopting the ruthlessness of the dragons. 

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The second dress is decorated with an intricate piece of steel, a three- headed dragon that is the sigil of house Targaryen. The simplicity of the dress makes your eyes focus on the dragon ornament and it further underlines Dany’s connection to her dragons and her determination to rule over the seven kingdoms. A wonderful detail fit for a queen. 


Missandei’s blue dress



This is not the first season this dress is featured, but it is definitely worth mentioning. At a glance it might look like a simple gown, especially in comparison to Dany’s dresses, but it is intricately made. Everything from the beautiful twist connecting the dress to the collar, the pleated midnight blue middle section and the dragon scale like belt makes this dress everything other than simple: and makes me wish that it was a part of my summer wardrobe. And do I need to mention the amazing back?


The matching outfits of Myrcella Baratheon and Trystane Martell




The young couple was part of an arranged marriage and the last time we saw Myrcella she was crying her eyes out as she left Kings Landing in season 2. But as we meet her again in season 5 she is happily in love with her betrothed in the beautiful land of Dorne. To show their union and feelings for each other one of them is always dressed in pink as the other one in orange, thus matching each other on different occasions. Myrcella’s dresses have intricate embroidery by Michele Carragher who has made the embroidery in previous seasons as well. I highly recommend you to check out her page here and marvel over her beautiful designs. The softly made flowers and petals combined with the sheer and delicate fabrics of her dresses underlines her innocence in the war of the throne and makes her fate even more somber. 

Nymeria Sands fighting practice outfit



It may be a bit unsuitable for fighting (who needs armor that cover vital parts of your body?) but this is only for practice! The costume is beautifully designed to incorporate and reflect her weapon of choice with pieces of leather twining around her body: her whip. This is a prime example of a costume that could easily, with a bit of redesign, become a fabulous summer dress. 

Margaery’s second wedding dress




It’s not as intricate as her previous wedding gown, but it’s beautiful in its seemingly simplicity: the steel details is visible only when hit by the light and tells the viewer a lot about Margaery’s personality. Even though she seems innocent and nice to others (especially to her new husband Tommen who doesn’t realize how manipulative she is) she wears her manipulative personality as armor: it doesn’t always show, but sometimes the light hits it and that part of her personality shines through and you understand how determined she is to sit on the iron throne. The hips are also beautifully made with deep cartridge pleats, accentuating her waist and gives the dress an even more expensive look. After all it is the dress of a queen.  

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What do you think of the costumes in Game of Thrones? Will you watch the new series? Tell us in the comments below!

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