From nudes to midnight

When you get it right it sure is the bomb!


Looking for something to flaunt your face with, or just another look for one night? We got it covered. Below you won’t find anything that you have to put much effort in, useful for those stressful days. Join in on our guide and feel free to share the results with us @Fashion9one1




The natural look: Shaped eyebrows, down to earth- shade of eye shadow and soft lips.  A fresh look for this spring, that doesn’t steal your time.

Begin with the base; use colors similar to your own skin, as usual. Be sure not to use a concealer that is too light or else you will end up with a more “dolled up” look. Don’t go too heavy on your eyebrows, just mark their natural shape and make sure you brush out any hard edges. Use an eye shadow that will complement your natural eye color, but still gives you an natural feeling. If you want to you can enchant your lashes witha dash of mascara.

When doing this look, remember, makeup shouldn’t be easy to spot!

The winged eyeliner look: Ever watched one of those old movies and felt the urge to apply that look on yourself? Eyeliner might not always have the will to cooperate with you, but when you get it right it sure is the bomb!

If you’re like me who sometimes struggle with getting the eyeliner perfect, use any normal tape on the side of your eyes and use it as guidelines. This base is similar to the natural look, just keep it simple and go easy with contouring.

A darker shade of red will complement this look and make your lips more visible, use with gloss if you want a shiny finish. For those with an oily t-spot, dab some clear powder to get a matte finish.

The evening look: Dark, full lips, bigger eyeliner and darker eyes. Perfect for dawn or whenever you want to enchant your eyes.

This is the time to make your eyebrows a bit more visible then usual. Eyebrow pens tend to look unnatural or too harsh. Use shadow or gel for the perfect result. Don’t forget the highlighter under your arch.

Start off with a light metallic shade on the top of your eyelid, shade it out with a warm dark brown and finish it off with a sparkly black. For a more plumping result on your lips, start off with filling in the contours in a darker shade. Some of us do not sit on a full makeup-kit at home, so on the model I used a creamy eyebrow dip on her outer lip line. Fill it in with some devious red lipstick, and blend until you get it the way you want it.

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