Miss Sunshine

by Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So i went trough a loss not long ago and when i came home from the hospital i found out that my grandfather passed away aswell. And they both died at the same day but becouse of the first loss and me beeing taken care of at the hospital, i did not found out about my grandfather until i came home.

Miss sunshine i am indeed…..

Im a soul that´s  always happy no matter what and i still am. But my voice changed…dont know how but it changed. A piece of that smile has been taken and im walking with my head down more often. It is so weird. when people say il be alrigth i belive them its just that sometimes the hart of mine really hurts and sometimes so bad that i have to hold my hand on top of it. Everyone will go trough losses i get that and everyone´s pain is the same but sometimes it feels more worse when humans leave this world at a really bad condition or when it´s about young people. That really affects my hart more.

Im writing this is becouse im on my way to my sewingroom where the sun always shines and where my sewingmachines always waits for me. My head is up again and im singing loudly for myselfe. I always felt empowered by creativity or even just beeing around it. And i remeber those days in school when i used to spend so much time infront of my sketchbooks with drawings or writing stuff. It´s the same thing. I was a happy kid becouse of that creative space i could go into and just heal…..

So i guess that is  what im doing now, healing my selfe trough that dramatic month. And i hope that if  i use this experience in some kind of way it will turn out to something really beautiful. Just like everything else does in our lifes.

I guess i really understand how creativity really nourish my soul, its so relaxing.

Today il be prepearing clothes for Quen of the runway <3 , il hook u up with some pic. soon.

Have a awsome day  sunshines <3

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  • Aysha
    April 26, 2016

    I’m so sorry for your loss❤️

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