what does your frame contain?

by Monday, April 11, 2016

Two years ago i was with a group of women name Qraftfulla run by Two women from my hometown, Fierce women working really hard for other women Johanna & Helena.
Theese two wonderful women knows how it is to be a woman and a entrepreneur. They organized meetings for women who wanted to start their own companies or who alreday started and needed some guidance ,energy and positive vibes.

We had one workshops and it was about creating a moodboard or a painting that we could frame at the end of the day. The painting/Moodboard should be about what we wanted to acchive in about one year.
I Made my frame and i was enjoying myselfe as always when im creative. My frame was about me as a designer, creating my label and company, family life. Eliminating negative people around me and bad energy in my life so i could be with people that gave me strength and good stuff .And people i could give strength laughter and all my love to. NO STRESS was cut out with big words. To much people suffering with stress issues around me(only women) and i learned so much and how important it is to just pause sometimes.
– Nobody will thank you for sacrifising your body and mind for them so take it easy with yourselfe someone told me. I belive in that!
So what happend to my moodboard… Well i did acomplish those things i wanted and im just adding more stuff in it. I did realize that i cant have everything at the same time without sacrifising something else and my biggest lesson really is to stay patient and work freaking hard. But not hard for someone else to tap me on the shoulder. Im working hard to develope myselfe and feel that im progressing. And seeing the results from that really keeps me going. I like results, results are awsome. Just working hard and seeing the magic happen is so satisfying.
I hope my place her can be a inspiration for you no matter what your dreams are. Becouse i was hearing for a long time that i cant be anything in so many ways just becouse of….. a lot of things. And i left places to find better places and peace becouse of that. Im here to tell you that dreams really can move big fat rocks from your road!If you belive in that ofcourse =)

I know…im sounding like i am something, but i am and so are you! Awsome <3



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