Fasting – A way of discovery

As some of you may know, we are now in the middle of the christian fast, reaching from the end of Shrove Tuesday, until the beginning of Easter. Lately, fasting may have been associated with weight loss. However, food is only a small part of fasting for me as a christian.


This is not an article meant to make people religious. What I want to lift is the usefulness of fasting, not only for those who wish to loose 5 kilos in two weeks. As in many other religions, the meaning of the christian fast is to remove something we do not benefit from or do not need. For example I have friends who fast from shopping, coffee drinking or watching television. My sister is currently fasting from Facebook, while I have convinced my boyfriend to join me in avoiding sweets. Last year I ceased playing Candy Crush during the fast (although I soon became addicted again…).

The point with removing one of the mentioned or similar things, is to get more time, money or energy to spend on something more important, or useful. When you have decided not to watch television, you might instead go out for a walk or take a hot bath with lit candles and harmonic music. Not using Facebook could make you less concerned about what everyone else is doing and instead focus on your own well being.


Naturally, some people are a bit more hard core. While there certainly is a function with pealing of everything that is not absolutely necessary in order to find new perspectives and insights, few people have time for it. I sometimes see a fleeting image of myself in a modest monastery or temple somewhere, isolated and dedicated to a life poor of luxury but rich of wisdom about the meaning of life. Until I make that dream real however, I think it is enough to fast on a smaller scale. There are plenty of wisdom to achieve in everyday life. All we need to do is look up from the cellphone, get out of the fitting room, or turn of the computer and allow ourselves to see something new or from a new angle.


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