Faces by Sandy

Shout out to all you girls out there who feel a bit lost in the make-up jungle!

Don’t know what primer to use that will work with deep-toned skin colors? Does your makeup feel gloomy and dull as a result of winter-dry skin? Need a bit of guidance or inspiration in the makeup department?

No need to spend lots of money on courses. The new thing in the world of beauty for beginner is YouTube tutorials, and in this one right here, Sandy shows you a flawless everyday-look that will liven up any dark and cold climate!

Sandy knows the struggle of finding products in Scandinavia that will work for African or dark-skinned girls, something that we know can still be a problem in many European countries today. In her tutorials, she uses humor to bring up the issue, and also helps you find alternatives that will work for you.

Check her out her youtube channel here!

Featured image from youtube.

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