DIY: Scented candles

Ever felt unusually creative before you’ve gotten your paycheck? You’re not alone. Therefore in this guide we tried to reuse as much as possible. Candle making is a great occupation for those rainy boring days before summer. When it comes to candle making, you need to be creative. Use whatever you find at home, it’s not about how pretty it looks during the making. It’s the result that matters.

What you will need:

  • 2 glass bowls
  • Pot and something to stir with
  • Wax flakes or old candles
  • Pre-waxed candle wicks (Perhaps from one of your old candles)
  • Essential oils
  • Jar or something you want your candle in
  • Non-toxic crayon if you want to color it
  • Clip or equivalent for the wick


I used old stearin candles without color, it’s easier to melt if you chop it down into flakes or smaller bits. Make sure you don’t accidentally cut of the wick, it will save you a lot of trouble later on. As always; keep your workspace clean, or else you will find bits and pieces of everything in your candles.

Step 1. Start with filling your pot halfway up with water, then place the glass bowl inside. Fill it up with your flakes. Don’t forget: it’s easier to add flakes than to remove them once their melted.


Step 2. Use your clip on the candle wick and measure it, so it’s not too short. Pour a drop of candlewax at the bottom of your candle jar and attach your wick, to make sure it doesn’t start to float when pouring the rest in.


Step 3. This is the time to pour in your essential oil. For my candle I only used a few drops, be careful not to overdo it. When putting in different essential oils, mix them in another bowl just to be certain the match is right.

If you want to color your candle just add a piece of crayon in the candle mixture and let it melt. Want something extra for your candle? Use candle wax color instead of crayons. But I want to keep this tutorial easy and economical.

Step 4. For the last step we’re going to make sure the candle wick stays in the middle when adding the mixture. If not, repeat step 2. Do not fill your container all the way up, this will cause a crater around the wick because of the air inside. Let it cool down before adding the rest and you’re good to go!

TIP: This is also a great way to create different layers in the candle. Use different scents or colors to add an alternative look and feel.

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