DIY: Massage oil

Sometimes you might find yourself stressed out, but we must not forget to treat ourselves once in awhile. These massage oils will help you get back on track. Sit back and relax as I tell you exactly how to make them!

There is different oils you should use depending on your skin and what kind of scents you like. Feel free to change oils from the ones listed in the recipes below, so that it really suits your needs. You can read more about oils in my previous article here.

What you need:

  • Glass bowl
  • Something made by glass or plastic to stir your mixture with
  • Dark bottle to store the massage oil in (To keep it from the sunlight)
  • Essential oils
  • Your favourite oil


Before you begin, make sure your workspace and your tools are clean. Start off with pouring the oil into your bowl, add the essential oils that are needed, and blend carefully. Being to rough might harm the organic compounds of your essential oil.
Remember: It’s better to add some more drops at a time so that your scent does not get too strong.


Massage oil with a summer feeling

*  1 cup of Coconut oil

* 1-2 drops of essential passion fruit oil

* 1-2 drops of essential mango oil


Massage oil with a fresh feel

*1 cup of grape seed oil

* 1-2 Drops of essential bergamot oil

* 1-2 Drops of essential rose oil

* 1-2 Drops of essential ylang ylang oil


Massage oil with a sensual touch

*1 Cup of grape seed oil

*2-3 Drops of essential lavender oil

*1-2 Drops of essential sandalwood oil


Massage oil for oily skin

* 1/2 cup of almond oil

* 1/4 cup of jojoba oil

* 4-5 Drops of tea tree oil


When storing your massage oil you really want to avoid any sunlight, it might cause them to oxidize and not last as long. A dark bottle kept in a dark place, maybe as your closet or cabinet, is preferable. Last but not least, keep in mind that pregnant women should never use essential oils before consulting with a professional.


Tip: I usually pour some drops of my massage oils in the tub. Great when you’re feeling too lazy to hydrate afterwards, but be careful to not let your hair down into the water as it might become oily.



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