DIY: Hair masks

No matter if your hair is dry, dull, thin or flat, we have the best masks for your hair type.

All the ingredients is usually found in your kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals. Great for the environment and your wallet!

What you will need:

  • A glass bowl
  • Something to stir with
  • Container

For dry/damaged hair:
– Avocado: Contains vitamins such as E, B and C.

– Coconut oil: Perfect when you need moisture.

– Banana: Thank the vitamin C and vitamin B in this fruit.

For dull hair:

– Honey: This will boost your hair and really make it smooth.

– Pumpkin: The potassium, zinc and Vitamin A is great for lifeless hair

For flat hair:

– Olive oil: Vitamin K and E, always good to give your hair vitamins.

– Flat beer: Adds shine to your hair, and doesn’t weigh it down.


Mix your needed ingredients in a bowl and make sure the mixture is smooth. Apply it in your hair, beginning with the ends.

Make sure you don’t use any oil at the roots. Leave it in from 10- 20 minutes. It’s better to have it in shorter time, and doing it more often rather than sleeping with it once a month. Rinse it off throughly and only use conditioner if you feel the need to.

Remember to repeat this once a week, and try different hair masks if you feel you’re not getting the result you wanted. Store your mask in the refrigerator up to one week depending on what mask you’ve made, always trust your nose.


I found the information about the amazing qualities of the ingredients at The National Center for Biotechnology Information, Self Nutrition Data, The United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service and on the labels of the different products

Did these hair masks help you hair? Tell me in the comments!

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