One of my biggest enjoyments is to watch someone “bedazzle” shoes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just check it up on YouTube!


There are so many videos of people just gluing stones on shoes, it makes me drool anytime, I don’t know why- I should really accept that there is something wrong about me.I wanted to show you guys something cool, not so glamorous, but fun and personal. Just grab some old sneakers, or new ones, and let´s get started!

To make your own customized shoes (can be any type) you need:

  • Scissor
  • Fabrics
  • Glue (make sure it’s a good glue for your shoe)
  • Spray-paint
  • Gloves
  • Time!

So before you start make sure you wear gloves because some glues are not fun to get on your fingers. My fingers are still dry and ugly because of me rushing and not wearing gloves while I made my shoes. What you are going to do is basically just glue fabric on a surface, smooth it out and cut the way you want. Super easy!


Step 1.
Glue on top of the shoe. Don’t put too much on,  I promise you it will stick anyway. If you have to much it migth go trough the fabric and we don’t what that.

Step 2.
Place your fabric and gently smooth it out.


Step 3.
Cut of the edges.



Step 4.
When you finished gluing its time to spray the bottom shoe, if you want.
And I basically just covered the whole shoe and started to spray. I went to a colour store first and asked them for the right colour and I choose this black mat colour which I like.

Step 5.

Do whatever more you like! Stones, feathers, wings you name use your fantasy =)
Step 6.


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