To all my swedish Chanel lovers!

These days we can purchase anything we want on the Internet, but you can’t buy a visit in a Channel store, right!?

But now you can! The first Chanel store is opened may 18th at Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm and people have been waiting for this day and let me tell you this: you will be able to buy the latest trends in Stockholm, everything accept their diamonds.

People have been seeing something going on under the covered windows for a while and now you can finally see what level of taste this Karl have. It does look really beautiful.

The Chanel shop is close to Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Luis Vuitton so you might need a fat wallet while visiting the street because anything you see there you will want so badly! High fashion companies does not necessary have the most beautiful things in my eyes, but for me Chanel is such a classy brand that still have edgy modern fashion as well as fashion for all women who wants to look at their best.
Enjoy your visit!


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