Best outfits from the Grammys

We have many events all around the world that do not let you down when it comes to red carpet looks. One of them are definitely the Oscars, Canne festival, Mtv music awards ,Met gala the Golden globe awards and then we have the Grammys. As you know the Grammy´s took place last Sunday in LA , it was the 59th annual Grammy award. James Corden hosted the show who is the host of the late late show and also responsible for all the crazy karaoke carpools we all love.  

Demi Lovato

Are you like me who love watching these type of events but only watching it for the fashion ? As soon as that music starts you change  channel to – My big Gipsy wedding on TLC and then back to the Grammy´s again.

Do you get embarrassed sometimes when the  hosting is not that great and it makes you feel really awkward when jokes are not that funny ? Especially when they have to ridicule someone in the audience . So for that you no longer can listen to the small chitchat in between the songs. Actually when you think about it, any elimination that happens in live tv you cant watch.  If that is true then you are my people im here and i feel you. trust me you when i say that  i am  really only in for the winners speech the red carpet looks and then back  to channel TLC. Of course i did not miss Adele´s speech and  i do understand  Kaney now. All this time i imagined he was crazy , Beyonce do deserve the best album of the year and i completely agree with Adele saying  -How freaking hard can it be to get that award. What did you think about this year award? I love Adele( she got five grammys) but Beyonce is at her own level when it comes to performance and she onlu got 2?  But i am just here to show you the outfits of the Annual Grammy award.

This year was not so transparent as last year and i do feel it was more sparkly then last year as well .It was some Michael Costello dresses as well as Givenchy, Versace, Gucci  and so on. This year was filled with floral, fun prints, strong colors just fun and playful. To be honest the Grammy´s used to be more rock´n roll and more edgy and i feel that it is not the same as before . People played it quite safe and it was more ladylike it have ever been in my opinion. Check below to know what some stars was wearing.

Let me know which ones are your favorites.






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